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A4tech Bloody B885N Full Lk Gaming Keyboard

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The world's first lightning-fast mechanical switch

The innovative LK Optic Switch technology uses an optical switch to react with lightning speed of 0.2ms and always be one step ahead of your enemies. Will add more passion to gamers!

The response time is 0.2 ms

The innovative LK Optic Switch technology uses an optical register to achieve a lightning-fast response speed of 0.2 ms. Exclusive reproduction of typing sounds and tactile feedback will give gamers more experiences.

25% faster clicking

LK Optic Switches have a stroke length of 3 mm, which is 25% faster than traditional metal switches. (The stroke length of a traditional metal switch is 4 mm)

Lightning fast and no lag

LK Optic Switch responds with lightning speed and no lag. (Traditional metal switch delay is 18~30ms)

"Long-Lasting" technology

"Long-lasting" technology creates a sound when typing that will not disappear after several months of active use.

Super reliability, resource of 100 million clicks

The LK Optic switch has a resource of more than 100 million clicks. (Traditional metal switch oxidizes and wears out quickly)

Programmable keys

Additional keys M1 and M2 are designed to provide quick access to frequently used keys. The M1 and M2 keys are preconfigured as Ctrl / Alt function keys.


Bright lighting helps you stand out in the dark. Press FN + F12 to turn the backlight on/off. Press FN + ↑ / ↓ to adjust the backlight brightness.

Moisture-proof nano-coating

An exclusive nano-coating on the printed circuit board protects it from moisture in the air, caustic chemicals and other types of corrosion. This significantly increases the life of your device.

Full N-Key Rollover

Full NKRO ensures that every key can be registered regardless of how many are pressed or held at the same time. Modifier keys (Shift, Control and ALT) are also taken into account.

Ergonomic design and reliability

Bloody keyboards are distinguished by a unique design, stunning accuracy and state-of-the-art technology. Emphasis on details, convenience and ergonomics is the way to the top. As the centerpiece of your gaming rig, the Bloody keyboard is designed to arm you right to your fingertips.


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