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Akko 5108 Macaw Hiragana Radiant Gaming Keyboard - Red Switch

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FULL WIRELESS KEYBOARD: Enjoy Macaw-themed colors that evoke playful creativity on our full hot-swappable mechanical keyboard. It offers complete functionality for gaming, programming, and office work.

DURABLE NO-SHINE SURFACES: Our durable, double-shot polycarbonate and PBT keycaps let you enjoy a phenomenal backlight experience. You also get legends that never fade and key caps that resist shine.

INSPIRING PC GAMING ACCESSORY: This wired gaming keyboard is decked out in Blue Macaw-themed colors that gamers and professionals alike can enjoy. It evokes playful creativity and dignified expertise.

SILKY SMOOTH TYPING: Enjoy smooth, consistent, and quiet keystrokes with linear Akko CS Radiant Red switches. Indulge your key press preference with a heavier actuation feel and shorter key travel.

EASY TO CUSTOMIZE: Every keyboard uses 5-pin hot-swappable sockets that let you pull switches easily with a switch puller and replace them without needing to resolder. Customize within minutes!


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