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Banpresto Dragon Ball Z CHOSENSHIRETSUDEN? vol.2(A:VEGETA)

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  • This figure series goes along the company's strategy of making very high quality static posed figurines, going over the market segment occupied by higher price competitors.
  • The popular prize-toy maker's products are generally available in Japanese game centers and their UFO catchers, some exclusive versions can go through raffles or other kind of campaigns.
  • Figures in this series are usually ~10cm to ~25cm tall (NOTE: Due to the unique design of each figure, the actual size may be different than stated).
  • 100% authentic and officially licensed. Acquired from the manufacturer's authorized USA distributor. Originally available only in Japan, this figure has been imported into the US for all fans of the media franchise. NOTE: This is a valuable imported collect?ible item, and due to the content of its original material, it is ONLY suitable for collector 15+.


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