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Eiyuden Chronicles Hindered Heroes

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  • Fight thrilling & immersive turn-based battles that factor in the verticality & obstacles of dungeons when determining character and enemy placement. Take powerful bosses down a peg by caving in the ceiling or blasting them with devastating weapons.
  • Assemble your party from a range of fighters with diverse personal skills. Use their unique defensive commands to protect allies in the same row, counter incoming attacks, provoke foes, or charge up for your next strike.
  • Flex your strategic muscles in War Battles that pit commander against commander. Take control of legions of soldiers in dynamic, RTS-like scenarios where siege engines and other weapons of war could turn the tides.
  • Confront foes in dramatic, one-on-one Duels that are woven seamlessly into the story.
  • Customize party members with rune-lenses. The runes you place in the lenses will confer magic, personal abilities, stat boots, auto-skills, and other useful effects.


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