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Exoprimal - PS5


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Exoprimal is an action shooter developed and released by Capcom in 2023. The title features only multiplayer gameplay in which you will become a member of a unique unit fighting the dinosaurs' brutal invasion. It's a fast-paced third-person adventure for players starved for spectacular combat shaping the future of the entire world!


The Earth has been attacked by hordes of dinosaurs and neosaurs, destroying everything in their path. To save the remains of human civilization, the powerful Aibius corporation steps in. Using highly developed artificial intelligence, they produce hundreds of advanced exosuits for the bravest soldiers willing to stop the invasion. By joining them, you can participate in the most unexpected fight of your life.



Exoprimal game is a multiplayer story about humanity's desperate fight against the invasion of dinosaurs. Pick your favorite exosuit by selecting its destructive weapons and learning all its essential functions. The suits divide themselves into three fundamental categories: tank, assault, and support. So you can freely design a unique combat style or try them all in one go to react better and faster.


Try to complete all challenging mission objectives by cooperating in online co-op and competing against enemy teams. Prepare for unexpected encounters with mighty beasts and other players in Dino Survival mode - a unique gameplay combining cooperation and fierce competition. All that matters is to eliminate the enemy forces faster than your opponents! Plus, each mission is a whole new adventure depending on the players' evolving skills and the enemies they encounter. That makes it the best recipe for many delightful hours of unforgettable FPS fun!



Play a third-person action game about dinosaur invasion Choose from different exosuits considering their unique features and powers Complete challenging missions and fight mighty bosses Decide the outcome of the desperate battle for the entire globe's fate Have fun in co-op and competitive modes

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