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Glorious GMMK2 65% Pre-Built TKL Hot Swappable Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

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Glorious GMMK2 Modular Mechanical Keyboard - Full Size (96%)

Personalize the GMMK 2 to your needs. Choose from a variety of layouts and colors, change components, and plug in any switch you want.


Light up your desk with the GMMK 2’s brilliant RGB illumination. Quickly toggle between 18 pre-installed effects using keyboard shortcuts, or fine tune-tune color and brightness on a per-key level via the Glorious CORE software. The board’s PCB has north-facing LEDs placed directly underneath each keycap’s transparent legend for maximum shine. Glorious Fox switches use clear housings with an SMD LED cutout at the top to guarantee accurate color. Sidelights flank the GMMK 2’s body, casting a subtle shine on your desk. The RGB light they produce is nicely diffused for a consistent glow free of noticeable hotspots.


The new Glorious Fox’s linear 45 g operation is built for high-performance gaming. Factory lubrication guarantees each press is consistently smooth with a satisfying sound. Reduce switch latency via software to experience virtually no input delay. 1000hz polling rate is standard, freely choosing a debounce delay is not. Pick the fastest latency your switches can handle. The board’s compact design provides ample room for wide mouse movements and keeps your arm in a natural resting position for enhanced ergonomics. Improved posture lets you maintain peak performance and combat soreness during longer gaming sessions.

Powerful performance meets versatility. This modular mechanical keyboard is designed to be redesigned.

  • 45 g Operating Force
  • Fast Linear Style
  • Pre-Lubed Parts
  • Clear Housings for Bright RGB


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