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Logitech G29 Driving Force with Racing Wheel and Floor Pedals



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Logitech G29 Driving Force for PS5, PS4 & PC

G29 Driving Force is the ultimate racing simulator hardware exclusively designed for the latest titles on, PlayStation® 5, PlayStation® 4, PlayStation® 3, and PC. The steering wheel impresses with Force-Feedback with two motors and helical toothing for smooth and quiet steering maneuvers. The stainless steel shift levers and pedals, as well as speed/shift indicator LEDs, support fast and easy gear changes without having to turn your eyes off the track. The separate pedal unit with a non-linear brake pedal provides realistic and responsive control. Driving Force is made from hand-sewn leather and stainless steel for comfort and durability. With the help of the integrated mounting clamps and screw-on points the steering wheel can be securely attached to a table or racing rig, so that it cannot slip or wobble during aggressive driving maneuvers.

For PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PlayStation 3
You'll never want to race again with a normal controller race after you've tried Driving Force. The G29 steering wheel is designed for the latest racing simulations on PlayStation® 4 and PlayStation® 3. g29 Driving Force also works on the PC when using the Logitech Gaming Software.

Force Feedback with two motors
Cornering and ground conditions can be felt realistically on the steering wheel, as well as drifting in oversteer or understeer and other influencing factors. The Force Feedback with two motors simulates all the forces acting on the steering wheel realistically and thus enables precise counter-steering.

High-quality design
The driving Force withstands the stresses of racing and is designed for a permanently reliable operation. The G29 has steel ball bearings in the steering wheel shaft as well as stainless steel gear levers and pedals. The high-quality hand-sewn leather cover of the racing steering wheel improves comfort and gives you the feeling of sitting at the wheel of a real high-performance racing car.

Helical toothing with shock absorption
This steering wheel offers an incomparable smooth and quiet steering function. The helical toothing produced according to the prototype of real car transmissions reduces unwanted noises and vibrations. The shock absorber provides full and tight steering wheel and pedal control. The driving force racing steering wheel G29 has a long-life, reliable hall-effect steering sensor, which determines the steering wheel position through magnetic fields.

Responsive floor pedal unit
The separate pedal unit with the throttle, brake, and clutch pedals allows you to maintain a more natural posture. g29 Driving Force offers you comfortable functions for acceleration, braking and gear changes like in a real car.
The non-linear brake pedal provides feedback on the pressure applied to the pedal, giving a responsive and precise braking feeling. Even finer control is possible by adjusting the pedal surfaces, which simplifies control by foot balls and heel. Rubber feet for smooth floors and a patented carpet support system keep your pedals in place.

900-degree steering range
The steering range of 900 degrees between the stops of the G29 Driving Force allows two and a half times the rotation of the steering wheel. This provides a steering range that corresponds to that of a real car.

Steering wheel strips
You can easily check whether your steering wheel is level by means of a visual marking. The steering wheel strip visually displays the steering wheel position.

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Highlights & Details

  • Realistic force feedback with helical toothing against kickback
  • Compatible with PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC
  • Easily accessible control elements
  • Force Feedback with two motors
  • Responsive pedal unit
  • High-quality design
  • 900 degree steering range


  • Logitech G29 Racing Wheel Driving Force
  • Pedals
  • Power cord
  • User manual

System Requirements

  • PlayStation® 5, PlayStation® 4, PlayStation® 3
  • Windows® 7, 8, 8.1, 10
  • Games that support Logitech® Force Feedback racing wheels

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