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Nacon Wired Compact Playstation 4 Controller - Red


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Pick the Nacon PS4 Controller to experience gaming sessions smooth and advanced, unlike ever before. This controller comes with a variety of features such as a touchpad, stereo headset jack, and vibration motors. Therefore, you can play your favorite video games for hours at a stretch. Furthermore, the design of this Nacon controller is in tune with advanced ergonomics, letting you hold it comfortably and play for hours. Moreover, the 3m cable allows you to connect this PS4 controller with ease and sit a comfortable distance away from the screen to safeguard your eyes.

PS4 Controller - Red (PS4)

User-friendly Design

The Nacon controller is designed for letting you play video games for long hours. Its ergonomic structure offers the comfort of holding and handling, which allows you to indulge in extensive gaming sessions.

PS4 Controller - Red (PS4)

Firm Grip

This PlayStation 4 controller features a soft touch surface, allowing the players to use finger taps and swipes to make selections on the game screen. The 3m cable ensures that you do not have to sit too close to the screen and damage your eyes.

PS4 Controller - Red (PS4)


PS4 Controller - Red (PS4)



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