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Nerf Fortnite Legendary TAC Blaster


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  • FORTNITE DART-FIRING BLASTER REPLICA: The Nerf Fortnite Legendary TAC blaster is inspired by the equipment used in Fortnite and comes in the Yellow Glow Wrap from the popular video game
  • 6-DART MEGA DRUM: the blaster features a rotating Nerf Mega dart drum that holds six Nerf Mega foam darts, so you can unleash multiple darts before it's time to reload the drum
  • UNLEASH A 6-DART BLAST: take aim at your opponents and launch six darts in a row from this Nerf Fortnite blaster. It's a perfect present for Fortnite fans and a great addition to every Nerf blaster collection
  • INCLUDES 6 NERF ACCUSTRIKE MEGA DARTS: comes with six Official Nerf AccuStrike Mega darts designed for accuracy. These big foam darts are great for indoor and outdoor battles
  • PUMP ACTION BLASTING: load the drum with darts, pump the priming handle back and forth, and pull the trigger to unleash one Nerf Mega dart


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