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Nintendo Switch V2 with Grey Joy-con



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Enjoy high-definition gaming right under your fingertips or on your large-screen TV as the Nintendo Switch with Gray Joy-Con controllers pushes you to the edge of gaming nirvana. Go versatile anytime, anywhere, as you switch between multiple playing styles such as Tabletop, Handheld, or TV mode for some immersive gameplay experience. Get your game face on whether you travel, lounge in the comfort of your living room, or go Handheld on the keys of your Joy-Con controller for some Multiplayer action. Just dock your Nintendo Switch console to connect to your TV or go Handheld by lifting the console from the dock, which enables you to play as you go for those who're always on the move. This Nintendo Switch gaming console allows you and your family or friends to have endless hours of fun with a single device.

Nintendo Switch Extended Battery Life with Grey Joy?Con

Precision-Engineered Design

The 6.2-inch multi-touch capacitive touch screen allows you to enjoy endless hours of high-definition gaming owing to its true-to-life colors and a battery capacity ranging between 4.5 up to 9 hours, depending on your gameplay format. Also, The Nintendo Switch console features two Joy-Con controllers with built-in motion-sensing technology and HD rumble that captivates your senses with every jolt and shake.

Nintendo Switch Extended Battery Life with Grey Joy?Con

Faultless Functionality

Indulge in loads of fun, frolic, and banter as this Nintendo Switch gaming console allows connecting up to 8 consoles for an uninterrupted multiplayer showdown. Strap in the included Joy-Con Wrist Straps to enjoy the active play mode or attach the Joy-Con Grip for a home-console style gamepad functionality. Load up your game files onto the ample storage space of the device. This console enables you to dive into the intense gaming world of fun and adventure no matter where you are.

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