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4Gamers PRO4-70CAMO Officially Licensed PS4/PS5 Stereo Gaming Headset - Woodland


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Command the battlefield with the 4Gamers PRO4-70CAMO Officially Licensed PS4/PS5 Stereo Gaming Headset. The stylish woodland camouflage PS4/PS5 headset is perfect for immersing yourself into the biggest war titles.

Experience true power as you immerse yourself into the biggest war titles available for PlayStation 4 and 5, complete covert missions as you cross enemy lines and communicate with your squad to ensure success.

The PRO4-70 Camo PS4 headset, provides powerful audio to enhance every explosion, with precision sound to hear each bullet fly past you and to hear your enemies before they see you. Equip yourself with the most stylish camouflage PS4 headset on the market and defeat your enemies in style. The flexible mic. boom allows you to provide vital communications to your squad in team-play or battle-royale mode.

The stylish woodland Camouflage design, soft black leatherette ear cushions and headband are reminiscent of uniforms of historic wars, whilst the flexible Mic. boom allows you to join ranks with your squad an fight the online battles together!

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