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Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Extraction - Guardian Edition Xbox One & X|S


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  • Pick from 18 of the Rainbow Six operators that are best adapted to survive the incursions.
  • Each operator has a specific set of weapons, gadgets, and abilities to learn and master. With each mission completed, your operator will level up, boost their stats, and gain access to new loadout options and powerful combat perks.
  • With a selection of 12 uniquely designed maps set in four regions across the US, featuring procedurally generated challenges, enemies, infestation, and increasing difficulty, the dangers are unpredictable and constantly evolving.
  • The deeper you go from airlock to airlock, the richer the rewards, but the greater the risks your squad will face.
  • Those who fail to get to an extraction point will find their operator MIA, making them temporarily unavailable for future missions. The only means of recovering an MIA operator is to mount a rescue in one of the sub-maps before the parasite takes them over completely.

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