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Glorious Model I Superlight Honeycomb Gaming Mouse - Matte White

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9 Programmable Buttons: Its 9 total buttons are completely programmable for personalized control in FPS, MMO, and MOBA games. Easily swap 2 of its side buttons with alternate shapes to perfectly match your playstyle.

Extreme Lightweight Design: The Honey comb design helps to significantly cut down on weight providing users with incredible speed while maintaining a rigid structural integrity. Smooth Glide: Experience an incredibly smooth gliding experience without the need to upgrade to aftermarket 3rd party mice feet. The G-Skates from Glorious are made from 100% pure Virgin PTFE with rounded edges which greatly reduce friction to make the mouse feel even lighter as it glides effortlessly across your mouse pad.

Vivid RGB: Customize the LED lighting on the Model I to match your setup and personality with a range of colours and effects available with Glorious' software. Vivid LED's run along flanks on both sides of the mouse as well as in the scroll wheel. Experience the signature illumination effects found on the Model I as the lighting illuminates through the honeycomb design.

Flexible Cable Glorious' proprietary Ascended V2 Cable is a super flexible and lightweight cable that won't get in the way or impeded your swift and aggressive swipes. It is as close to a wireless mouse without sacrificing the performance and reliability benefits of a wired mouse. BAMF Sensor: In collaboration with Pixart the BAMF sensor is optimized for high performance and low power draw. Specs include 400 IPS Tracking Speed, up to 19,000 programmable DPI, and up to 1000 Hz polling rate.

Dimensions: Width 74mm, 128mm long, and 32mm from the surface to the scroll wheel Weight: 69 Grams +/- 2.5g variance


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