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ASA CAT8 SFTP Network Cable 2000MHz - 10 Meter

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  • High-Speed 40Gbps RJ45 Cable: ASA Cat 8 Ethernet cable supports up to 40Gbps data transfer without dropout (4x faster than Cat 7 with 10Gbps) and 2000MHz bandwidth (3x faster than Cat 7 with 600MHz). Ideal for online gaming, live streams, etc.
  • Flat Ethernet Cable: This Cat 8 network cable is designed to be flat & slim & flexible which makes it a lot easier to tidy cables up. It's convenient to fit under doors and out of windows to run it through your house. Perfectly goes under the carpet
  • Widely Compatible: ASA Cat 8 Ethernet cable not only backward compatible with Cat6a, Cat6, Cat5, Cat5e devices but also works flawlessly with all RJ45 connector devices such as iMac Pro, PS3, PS4, PS4 Pro, PS5, Smart TV, Xbox One.
  • Future-Proof Cable: ASA Cat 8 ethernet cable is build-in 4 pairs of twisted-pair (U/FTP), aluminum shielding enhance anti-interference ability effectively. Ideal 40Gbps flat Ethernet cable to take advantage of the full speed network for Home office..


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