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A4tech Bloody Q50 Neon X-Glide USB Mouse with Black Gaming Surface

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 Lightning Response








Innovative LK (Light Strike) technology uses optical microswitches to deliver lightning fast response times down to 0.2ms!





X'Glide professional metal legs

Strong, sensitive, without friction. Glides 20% faster. The quality remains after a 300 km abrasion test.





Braided cable

The flexible cable ensures durability and no knots.





Switch resource

Extreme quality guarantees more than 10 million clicks. 





3 neon light effects

Just one click to switch between 3 kinds of lighting effects (neon/breathing/continuous) of your choice.





2 side buttons

Both side buttons are configured for forward and backward functions. In the game, these will be buttons for customizing the gameplay.





3200 CPI

Custom resolution 500/1000/1200/1600/2000/3200 CPI.

Optimized for speed and control





















Perfect for both speed and control, the Bloody has a fabric surface that provides extreme precision and comfort. Precise, durable surface feels every move of your mouse, so you have every action under control!
































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