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Cable Guy Demogorgon Phone and Controller Holder

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No, you're not in the Upside Down, but this devilish Demogorgon Cable Guy has broken through, and is here to serve you in the real world by protecting your phones, controllers and more. Whether you're binging on your favourite shows or battling your foes on the virtual battlefield, this holder will keep your phone and controller securely in place. The Demogorgon's massive jaws and menacing tentacles on show, it'll grip your items with ease while keeping everyone at bay. And don't worry, it won't drag you to the Upside Down, unless you want to be there...

  • Demogorgon phone, remote control and gaming controller stand / holder
  • Compatible with most types of smartphones and console controllers, including the next-gen PlayStation 5 DualSense, Xbox Series S/X and all iPhones
  • The ideal gift for anyone who loves Stranger Things!
  • Officially licensed by Netflix, styled on Demogorgons from Stranger Things
  • Approx 8.5" tall


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