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Cooler Master CryoFuze Thermal Compound Paste for CPU Coolers

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THERMAL GREASE CRYOFUZE - Cooler Master is launching CryoFuze, the all-new line of thermal paste delivering superior bonding for your processing capabilities.

HIGH PERFORMANCE - Utilizing nanoparticles, CryoFuze allows for excellent thermal conductivity on all processing components for optimal heat transfer.

EXCEPTIONAL THERMAL - K value of 14W/mK handles even the most extreme system builds.

NON-CORROSIVE FORMULA - The non-corrosive and oxidation-resistant properties prevent solidification and leave metal contact surfaces unharmed. CryoFuze has a versatile range of temperature performance, maintaining stability from -50°C up to 250°C.

EASY APPLICATION - Viscously balanced formula allow for easy application and cleanup.


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