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FIFA 20 Champions Edition - PS4


Age Suitable for age GCAM +3
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Bring your style of football to the field with the EA FIFA 20 Champions Edition. Are you an avid gamer who is planning to spend an evening playing the best-in-class immersive game? If yes, then you don’t need to look beyond this EA FIFA 20 football game. With top-quality graphics, it brings the gaming characters to life, transporting you to the whole new world of realism. Get the nostalgic feel as this game brings football back to the streets with the EA SPORTS VOLTA. Show your footballing-skills in streets and various futsal courts. The high-end animations and the option to use a wall as a teammate make this street-style play all the more exciting. Plus, here you can customize a player to your liking and sharpen his skills. This PS4 football game will leave you awestruck with its smooth gameplay and roof-raising cheers from the crowds.

Express Yourself

Bring your A-game to the forth with this highly-engaging football game. Sprint past your in-game opponents and leave them dumbstruck with your skills. The FOOTBALL INTELLIGENCE feature brings the gaming characters to life, adding a touch of realism to this high-end game. Enjoy the best of street football and showcase your mesmerizing skills while playing this game.

Player Customization

Customize your player as per your liking with this football game. Get access to the latest shirts, shoes, sweaters, and hairstyles to enhance the looks of the player created by you. Also, you can set the way your player emotes after scoring a goal, making your gameplay experience unique.


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