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FIRST 4 FIGURES Dark Souls: Dragon Slayer Ornstein Standard Edition


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First 4 Figures is proud to introduce their latest PVC statue collectible, Dragon Slayer Ornstein SD. This is the third statue to release in the Dark Souls SD lineup.

Similar to our resin statue of Dragon Slayer Ornstein, the base replicates the pillars found in the Anor Londo Cathedral boss room. And Ornstein himself has a ton of textured details like the resin, from the intricate design of his armor and spear to the battle damage weathering found throughout the statue.

The statue's concept is inspired by one of Dragon Slayer Ornstein's moves during the boss fights. If you first defeat Executioner Smough, Ornstein ends up absorbing the strength of his fallen comrade and gains new abilities, one of which is an aerial attack. Upon landing, he releases a powerful electric shockwave, which is what we incorporated with this statue. And with the Exclusive Edition, these lightning effects have LED lights in them with two modes—static and animated—adding even more life to this piece.

You also receive the First 4 Figures' beautifully designed signature Premium Deluxe Box with the Exclusive Edition. Should you wish to keep the statue in pristine condition, the Premium Deluxe Box perfectly complements its contents and serves as a display.


Dark Souls - Dragon Slayer Ornstein SD PVC Statue

A highly detailed base inspired by the Dark Souls art style

Lightning effects with two LED functions

Premium Deluxe Box

Authentication card

*Prototype was shown. The final product may be slightly different. Product details are subject to change without notice.

Product size

Statue including base: Height 24 cm, Width 15 cm, Depth 13 cm

Weight 0.590 KG


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