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FR-TEC Switch One Piece: Thousand Sunny - Premium Bag


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  • Compatible with all Switch models: it is compatible with all switch models, i.e. Switch Lite, Switch and Switch OLED. Thanks to the foam insert, it fits even the smallest switch model and is completely safe during transport and storage.
  • IDEAL BOX FOR 4 GAMES - It features a one-piece box to store and transport up to 4 games. It takes up little space and is integrated into the case.
  • CONVENIENT STORAGE SPACES In addition to a useful 4-game box, it also features an inner zip pocket for transporting cables, adapters, protectors or even the 16-game box included in the One Piece Combo Pack for Switch. FR-TEC
  • SCRATCH RESISTANT MATERIAL The FR-TEC Thousand Sunny Premium Bag features a soft, velvety interior to safely transport the console and ensure it won't get scratched. These finishes give it excellent quality.
  • OFFICIAL ONE PIECE LICENSE: The high-quality workmanship, the thick material of the case and the official One Piece design, inspired by the adventures of the crew and their adventures on the Thousand Sunny make it a must-have for fans and gamers.
  • High level of detail: The One Piece silicone logo is sewn onto the case to ensure durability. The zip puller is also made of silicone.


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