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Hasbro Monopoly Discover Board Game

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Monopoly Discover

Monopoly Discover

Learn, Earn, and Grow!

The Monopoly Discover board game offers fun teaching tools for families. It features a double-sided gameboard with 2 levels of play, so you can decide which level is right for the family!

One side focuses on counting and matching, recommended for kids ages 4-5. Flip the board over for more advanced play, focusing on reading and simple math, recommended for kids ages 6 and up. Gameplay in each level uses its own set of Monopoly money and cards, as well as rules. Inspired by Monopoly classic gameplay -- after all, every billionaire starts somewhere! The game is a great choice for a family game night, and makes a fun gift for kids ages 4 and up.

Monopoly Discover

Monopoly Discover

Monopoly Discover

Double-Sided Gameboard

Side 1 features simple gameplay recommended for kids ages 4-5, with a focus on counting and matching. Side 2 offers more advanced play, recommended for kids ages 6 and up, with a focus on reading and simple math.

Different Gameplay and Components

The game includes 2 Monopoly money packs: younger kids can play using 1 dollar bills, and older kids use the 1 and 5 dollar bills. The game includes 20 Chance cards for Level 1 as well as 20 Chance cards for Level 2.

Adorable Tokens

Kids can move around the board as Penguin, Car, Ducky, Scottie, Hazel, or Rex tokens. Designed to be fast, fun, and an exciting game for kids ages 4 and up.


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