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Philips Momentum G401 RGB Wired Mechanical Gaming Keyboard



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Sleek and streamlined: This gaming keyboard is built with a professional-grade aluminum-alloy cover for a decidedly premium feel. Its ultra-slim flat design enhances any gamer's space and leaves more room for the other gaming peripherals you want.

Set the Mood – Cycle through 8 preset Chroma keymaps that illuminate common keys for RTS/FPS games, League of Legends, Call of Duty, and more. Or make your own light map. Amplify your mood with 12 preset light effects: ripples, ripples, snakes, collisions, and more.

Ready to play: shortcut keys and macro programming. Key lock to disable the Windows key. Great compatibility with Windows, Linux, and Mac OS* and even works as a PS4 keyboard, Xbox keyboard, or keyboard for other game consoles.

Philips G401 Mechanical Keyboard
Ergonomic 104 Keys
RGB backlit keyboard (great variety of color waves and combinations)
Full-key anti-ghosting for fast and complex inputs
Fast and complex keystrokes demand advanced performance.

With full N-key rollover, each key registers independently without confusion, so every keypress registers correctly regardless of how many other keys are being pressed or held.

Water-resistant design for cleaning and occasional spills.
Life can be complicated. With this waterproof keyboard, the
occasional spill or splash is no problem.
These keyboards are built to last.

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