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Lifesmart Cololight Led Strip Lights - 2 Meter

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Lifesmart Cololight Led Strip Lights Lifesmart Cololight Led Strip Lights

Control With Your Voice

The Cololight works directly with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to manage your smart light through Voice Control.

  • Control device switch, light color, and levels
  • Install Cololight app and configure the device to get started
  • Authorize your Lifesmart account when the Cololight is located in the Alexa app/Google Home app

Create Your Ultimate RGB Masterpiece

Cololight is a decorative, smart, modular LED light system that beautifully transforms the atmosphere in any room.

Lighting For Any Occasion - Created Smartly

We've created the Cololight so you can easily automate your lighting throughout your day - a perfect mix of lighting, design & technology.

Light Up Your Creativity & Enjoy The Fun Of DIY

Infinite splicing means Cololight can be built to meet your imagination. An unlimited number of panels can be connected to create various shapes and effects

  • Split & joint - straight & precise edges for a seamless connection. Hexagon design with 19 LEDs and no dark areas on the surface
  • Aesthetic design - place on a desk or install onto a wall. The 3-pack & 6-pack both come with a different design of base for you to choose from
  • 16 million colors & 3 selection modes - Instant control from the palm of your hand via the app or control with the touch sensor on the back of the controller to change light color (system default)
  • Dynamic effects & sound activated - color can intelligently change with music being played to create your own personal light show
  • Perfect for any space - adjustable LED room lights make it ideal as decorative lighting for living rooms/bedrooms etc as well as for party/gaming
  • Voice control - compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant for convenient home automation

Complete Control

Complete Control

Complete Control

Complete Control

Create the Perfect Mood - For Any Occasion

With an incredible 16 million colour combinations to choose from, you can create amazing effects that can transform the atmosphere and create the right ambiance in any room - instantly!

Simple & Easy to Use - WiFi Connection

No hub is required to use Cololight. Simply control directly through the free app on your mobile device. Choose from the 3-mode color selections including selected, dynamic & customized to change the mood anytime. The music sync feature also works through the app using your phone's mic

Enjoy the Convenience of Home Automation

Seamlessly integrates with your Alexa and Google Assistant devices, so you can conveniently control it without having to reach for any device. Control the device switch, light colors and light levels, simply by voice command.

Extendable and Flexible Light Strip

Complete Control

Complete Control

Complete Control

Complete Control


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