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Porodo Brite Smart LED Multicolor Bulb


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Brite Smart LED Bulb

Brite Smart LED Bulb

Porodo Brite Smart LED Bulb is a single multifunctional bulb that works with google assistant and Alexa, also it is compatible with iOS and Android Apps. It contains 16 million RGB Colors that the color will change meanwhile you play the music; in another hand, it has Music Rhythm Sync opportunity. It has an automated timer that you can set while you want to sleep. You can control it by voice command or by Wi-Fi connectivity. It is suitable for any place where you want to make it fancier than it used to be.

Brite Smart LED Bulb

Brite Smart LED Bulb

You can control this light bulb with your smartphone no matter whether your phone supports IOS or Android. After you connect to the light bulb with the Wi-Fi you can control it anywhere that you want, and change the color base on your taste. There is another way to control it, with Voice command through the Alexa or Siri. By the timer, you can set a time for this bulb and after the time has been finished, you can see that the bulb is going to turn off automatically. You can find 16+ million colors in this product which gives you a huge opportunity to choose your favorite one. 

How to Connect to Phone

Step l. Connect the gateway to the power supply and the wires connect to the router.

Step 2. Connect the mobile phone to the router. so mobile phone and gateway are in the same network environment

Step 3. Click the "Add Gateway" button on the page. Click Gateway Zigbee under other categories on the right side of the "Manual Add" page, and click to confirm that the light is always on.

After searching, the gateway to be connected will be displayed, and click "Binding" and you're in the add process.

Step 4. After the gateway connection WiFi successfully, enter the gateway page, click •Add Subdevices•, select the corresponding device , and then add to the same gateway, The other devices in the facet are the same as step 3.

Step 5. When entering the control panel Of the device, take the lamp as an example. After opening, the scene, color. brightness and timing can be set. Click on the "+" in the top-right comer of the control page to manage the device independently.

How to Connect to Phone


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