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Porodo Brite 48W Smart LED Light Strip 5M - Multi Color


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Brite Smart LED Light Strip App
Brite Smart LED Light Strip App

Porodo Brite Smart LED Light Strip comes in 5M long and it is interactive with iOS and Android Apps, and you can change the color by the app as you want. It contains 16 Million RGB colors and Wi-Fi ability. You can control it by voice command or by Wi-Fi connectivity. It is suitable for any place that you want to make fancier than it used to be. This LED light strip can be set to automatically change color and speed periodically. It has Music Rhythm Sync, you can see the color change meanwhile you listen to your favorite music.

Brite Smart LED Light Strip

Brite Smart LED Light Strip

The 5M length allows you to enjoy a high-quality LED light show anywhere around you. Porodo Brite Smart LED Light Strip is iOS and Android device friendly and can easily operate on any device. With this 5-meter length, you can design your room or any place that you want to make it fancy. Fast and Easy to Install - This complete set comes with a self-adhesive peel and stick. Instantly attaches to the wall or other surface. It will not mark or harm your wall or leave a hard-to-remove residue. No need to use nails, hooks, or expensive fasteners. We give you everything you need to enjoy your lights just moments after our package arrives at your door. Durable and Long-Lasting for Indoor Use - This advanced lighting system is designed exclusively for indoor use. It's not waterproof.

App connection

I. Preparation jobs: Power on the LED strip and enter the home of the APP, please make sure your mobile and the smart kits are connected to the same WIFI.

2. Connect the controller

Solution 1): After powering on the strip, turn it on and off 3 times(or long-press the switch button for over 5 seconds), and the strip will go into a status of quick flashing. Find the "+"(in the corresponding room of the APP) to add devices. If your mobile has already turned on Bluetooth before connecting to the LED strip, then no need to turn on Bluetooth again, the APP will connect to the LED strip automatically. If your mobile didn't turn on Bluetooth before connecting the LED strip, the APP will pop up an interface with tips to ask you to turn on Bluetooth. Then please choose "Allow", then the Bluetooth function of your mobile will be turned on. After that, the APP will pop up tips with info on the LED strips, then choose "Go to add". Will go into an interface of Bluetooth device, choose the "+" and go into next interface(Enter Wi-Fi password). Input the password of the WIFI and choose "Confirm", then it will go into the status of "Connecting...", you will need to wait for your mobile to pair with the controller at this step. Choose "Done" when it shows "Added successfully", then go into operation modes. (If solution 1 is not suitable for your devices, please refer to solution 2)

Brite Smart LED Light Strip

Ideal for any room in your home. Also used by countless bars, restaurants, and hotels. This is a reliable LED light technology that is well-made with premium materials and inspired design. It reimagines what is possible with easy-to-install light strips. Operates on low power to stay cool and safe. UL listed.

Includes Controller and Tuya Smart App - It's easy and intuitive to turn lights on and off, change the pattern, adjust the many colors, and create dazzling special effects like a flash, breathing, gradient, fade, and more. Control everything without getting up from bed or the sofa. Simply use the included controller or Tuya Smart App that gives you even more exciting options.

Brite Smart LED Light Strip


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